BEST Goodnight Quotes.

I'm in my bed, you're in yours. One of us is obviously in the wrong place.

A boyfriend should always send you a goodmorning and goodnight text even if you don't talk all day, just to let you know you're on his mind.

I was looking out the windows Thinking about the person I care most & Guess who came into my So, just want to wish you goodnight :)

 Last night I hugged my pillow and dreamt of you...I wish that someday I'd dream bout my pillow and I'd be hugging you.

Don't forget to pray tonight because God didn't forget to wake you up this morning.

Night is longer than day for those who dream and day is longer than night for those who make their dreams come true. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them But If you follow them they Will lead you to your destiny. goodnight.

I go to sleep every night thinking of you, I wish you did the same thing too.

I want to be that guy to call her beautiful, Listen to her problems, be a shoulder to cry on. I want to be that guy who stays up late just to hear her voice, saying goodnight and good morning everyday. I want to let her know how much she means to me and how special she is. I want to grow old with her and kiss her softly. I sit here and think, Boy, how lucky I am to have such an amazing girl in my life. I will always be there for her.

Wish I was there, to kiss you goodnight. I wish I was there, to hold you so tight. I wish I was there, to gaze into your face. And wonder why angels, have come to this place. I wish I was there, to talk all night long. Or sit in the presence, of the one that I love. I wish I was there, to tell you I care. I wish I was there, to tell you, You captured my heart and You'll always be there.

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